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Speaker Topics

​Workshop Speakers (November 7, 2022)

Todd Treagan & Vicky Yao

Sergey Koren

Ge (Esther) Lou


Nicholas Navin


So Hyun (Julie) Park


Welcome to ​the RAD Genomics Workshop

A Complete Diploid Human Genome





Comprehensive Analysis and Accurate Quantification of Unintended Large Gene Modifications Induced by CRISPR/Cas9 Gene Editing

Conference Speakers (November 8-9, 2022)

Angela Wilkins

Lydia Kavraki

Richard Gibbs


Sonia Villapol

Jon Tamir

Badri Roysam

Kristy Brock

Diego R. Martin

Guha Balakrishnan

Laurence Court

Caroline Chung

Xia (Ben) Hu

Fei Wang



Theodora Chaspari

Roozbeh Jafari

Akane Sano

Laura E. Barnes

Charles Green

Yejin Kim


Huiyuan Yang


Welcome to ​the 2022 AI in Health Conference

AI in Health: Progress and Prospects

Genomics and Health: All the Data that are Fit to Munge


What Can DNA Sequencing and the Gut Microbiome Tell Us About Concussions?


Robust Computational Magnetic Resonance Imaging with Deep Learning



Machine and Artificial Intelligence in Radiology - Revolutionizing Healthcare






Towards Building Trustworthy AI Models in Clinical Medicine: Accuracy, Interpretability, Fairness, and All That

Transparency and Interpretation of Heath Panel

Transparency and Interpretation of Heath Panel


Sensing and Intervention for Smart Health and Wellbeing

Bayesian Adaptive Trial Designs

Identifying Subpopulations with Different Alzheimer’s Disease Risk and Progression

More to Less (M2L): Enhanced Health Recognition in the Wild with Reduced Modality of Wearable Sensors

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