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A Message from the Ken Kennedy Institute Leadership


The Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University is pleased to offer the inaugural AI in Health Conference in Houston, TX. Thank you for joining us for an exciting two days of cutting-edge conversations on artificial intelligence in healthcare and public health. The conference features a remarkable lineup of invited speakers, technical talks, an exhibit hall, networking receptions, poster presentations, and a pre-conference workshop on Monday. 


The AI in Health Conference will take place in Houston, home of the largest medical center in the world  — the Texas Medical Center — which hosts 60+ member institutions that are visited by 10 million patients each year. The intersection of healthcare and artificial intelligence holds potential unlike any other innovation the medical industry has seen before. Artificial intelligence’s ability to operate and automate tasks at heightened speed, efficiency, and accuracy has already made an impact on day-to-day hospital care and administrative functions. Our conference program will address the current state of artificial intelligence in health and showcase a research-based outlook on the next 10 years.


Conferences such as this foster innovation by encouraging new ideas, research, and discussions. We look forward to the conversations that will occur in the next few days and the partnerships that will spark from them.


Monday will feature a pre-conference workshop on reading, assembling, analyzing, and designing genomic data. On Tuesday and Wednesday, our speakers will highlight genomics, imaging, mental health, transparency and interpretation of health, and adaptive health topics with short technical talks included on both days. 


Join us on Tuesday for a hot chocolate station and conclude the day with our Sponsor Networking Reception that includes wine tasting with sommeliers, a specialty cheese selection, and heavy appetizers. Wednesday will feature an ice cream bar before wrapping up the conference with a Poster Networking Session to showcase exciting research happening in the field.


The Ken Kennedy Institute at Rice University is committed to supporting groundbreaking research, educating innovators, and connecting across industries by bringing together thought leaders from around the world with expertise in artificial intelligence, data, and computing. We are thrilled to host this conference at the service of our regional and global artificial intelligence community. 


We are grateful to our sponsors, attendees, and speakers who share our enthusiasm and seek the opportunity to support and engage with the community. Thank you to our conference committee for their many contributions to this year’s conference. Finally, we would like to say a special thank you to Todd Treangen, Vicky Yao, Guha Balakrishnan, Ashok Veeraraghavan, Ben Hu, and Akane Sano for spearheading our conference tracks. 


On behalf of the conference committee, our fellow constituents and sponsors, Rice University, and the amazing Ken Kennedy Institute team, thank you for being here. 


Lydia E. Kavraki

Director, The Ken Kennedy Institute


Angela D. Wilkins

Executive Director, The Ken Kennedy Institute

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